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see an option to retain the disc in the drive after the copy is complete (rather than auto-ejecting the disc) and another option to terminate the application when copy is complete (in addition to the shutdown option already present) Great software,

Love that you guys minimize to the tray (rather than taskbar),
that would have been my first suggestion if you didn't already do it!
Regarding auto-ejects: I prefer the disc to remain in the computer until I tell it
to eject... allows me to walk away from my comp and not worry about someone snooping
to see what I was up to when they notice the drive wide open and unattended. As for
my auto terminate suggestion, goes hand in hand with the auto-shutdown in my opinion,
but is for those of us that leave our computers on 24/7 =)

Mark B , 27.01.2011, 23:54
Idea status: under consideration


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